We take care of installation of your material handling systems in all types of automated warehouses.

Consulting and Cost Estimation

Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we are able to prepare an exact estimation to bring projects to life in time and within your budget.


We use our best efforts to find solutions to your unique challenges through cross- functional team building. We use this approach in everything we do.


We ensure preparation and delivery of our installation staff to the construction site (visas / permits / safety requirements / transport and accommodation).

Project Management

To achieve superior performance and reliability, our qualified PRINCE2 Project Leaders coordinate projects to optimize the process and facilitate communication with customers. As a result, we help strengthen your brand by delivering outstanding implementation quality standards and reducing expenses.

Supply of Work Equipment

Our Work Equipment Manager may help you with the supply of necessary work equipment.

Purchase of Materials

With our database of suppliers, our Procurement Department is able to procure electrical components, from small assembly materials and equipment, to cable insulations and cabling, in accordance with project requirements and specifications.

Mechanical Installation

Our mechanical installation includes, among others

Conveying & Transporting Systems

Conveyor systems assembly
(Pallet Conveyor / Case & Package Conveyor)
Automated miniload system (AMS)
Overhead conveyor technology
Assembly of ASRM (automatic storage and retrieval machines)
Powered pallet conveyor (PPC) (double-track)
Track lines


Storage Systems

Pallet storage / large load carriers
Asssembly of substructures for platforms
Structures for high- bay racking systems / automated warehouse
Distribution systems


Document drop
Sorting systems
Installation of auxiliary devices (wrapping, labeling


Assembly of picking devices
Assembly of Pick- by- light (PBL) systems

Work Stations

Electrical Assembly

Our electrical assembly services include, among others

  • assembly of cable routes
  • installation of cables
  • cabling connection
  • connecting devices
  • earthing installation
  • NSV power supply installation
  • emergency power supply installation
  • signal test

Electrical Design

We design automation facilities, as well as power supply up to 110kV and more, lighting, earthing and lightning protection, fire alarm systems, burglary alarm and access control, building management systems (BMS) and structural cabling systems.

Manufacture od CP’s (Control Panels)

Our control panel manufacturing plant is located in Europe and is able to meet CP requirements in accordance with the required standards.

Special Installations

Manufacturing elements not included in the specifications / design documentation. Installation of steel structures. Periodic measurements

Inspection and testing

Our certified QA/QC engineers can deliver reliable control and test reports for your electrical installation together with electrical installation certificate meeting the NICEIC standards.

Commissioning support

Testing and commissioning control panels and facility equipment. We provide help in the commissioning and adjustment of the installed equipment. Our specialist adjust various electrical power equipment, local networks, transformer sub- stations and existing systems.

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